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Our Technology Platform


The USSD platform removes the technology barriers experienced in rural Kenya where the smartphone penetration is still low and internet connectivity remains a challenge. USSD-enabled access to our platform allows small and medium scale farmers to:

  • - Check on the prices of farming inputs
  • - Make deposits to personal e-wallet
  • - Make purchases at Karimi Agrovet
  • - Join a group with a good project
  • - Get on-going training from experienced veterinarians.

USSD menu is in both English and Kiswahili.



The Mazao Bora web app is an ecommerce platform where farmers can access diverse agri-inputs from a variety of agrovets at the most affordable prices.

How to Access the USSD Platform

The USSD platform can be accessed by dialling *483*300# from any mobile device within Kenya. The embedded video demonstrates the various steps in the USSD purchase process.


The platform hosts an administrative dashboard that tracks ecosystem activity, forming the basis of inventory management for farms and retail. It will provide visual analytics such as:

  • - # of farmers enrolled
  • - # of farmer groups established
  • - Agrovet purchase data
  • - Farmer production & sales data
  • - Bulk supply purchases availed for resale to small farmers to lower prices.

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