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Who We Are

Karimi Integrated Ltd is company that was formed out of a need to cause a disruption in the farming value chain. It consists of domestic and foreign partners that bring on board expertise from Accounting, Finance, IT, Admin and Marketing. The company sources and distributes high quality farm inputs such as animal feeds, fertilizer, seeds, and pharmaceuticals to small and medium scale farmers.

What We Do

We are an Agrovet for small and medium farmers. We source and distribute high quality farm inputs such as animal feeds, fertilizer, seeds and pharmaceuticals for small and medium scale farmers necessary for their success. Quality Inputs, Quality Training and Ecosystem Connectivty create sustainable, profitable farms.

Our Impact

A few of the impact-related results so far:

  • a) Affordable and sustainable provision of farm inputs to small and medium farmers.
  • b) Employment opportunities through our train the trainer programs
  • c) Going green through our solar "chick incubator" partnerships
  • d) Last mile delivery of farm inputs and gate collection of out puts
  • e) E-Commerce platform that is easy and convenient to use across the region
  • f) Aggregating data and analytics for farming value chain stake holders on a single agrovet platform



Farmers registered on MazaoBora


Agrovet Retail Operations Launched


Vendors Engaged


Insurance Partner Offering


Solar Partner

We are growing fast! We need capital to expand operations in order to meet growing demand. We are the first Kenya fintech in this space and welcome your interest in partnering with us in this exciting and impactful venture!

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